GREAT Hospitality is an innovative, independent, accreditation scheme, designed for any hospitality business offering accommodation, be it a hotel, guest house, inn, or self-catering property. It adopts a fundamentally different approach from other assessment programmes, in that the assessment can be completed entirely on-line. It also focuses on “Best Practice” in a range of key areas, as well as legal compliance.

On-line review sites give everyone plenty of opportunity to offer their opinions about businesses, and prospective guests can use these reviews as a guide as to what they might expect in terms of the quality of the establishment.

What on-line reviews cannot do, however, is to look in detail at aspects of the business that impact on a guest less obviously. How is the risk of legionella minimized, for example? How are guests with mobility issues treated? How much thought has been given to contingency planning in the event of a major incident? How are Data Protection responsibilities managed?

Businesses participating in the GREAT Hospitality programme also have access to continuous advice and updates, to help keep them at the forefront of their sector.

Businesses displaying GREAT Hospitality accreditation have demonstrated a clear understanding of a wide range of issues affecting guests and staff alike, and by displaying the GREAT Hospitality logo, are communicating their high standards to prospective guests.